What is Chicken vs. Chocolate?!!!

Here’s the skinny. We’re a pair of idiots who often argue over the Internet. After a while, we decided to share these idiotic interactions with the world, also using the Internet. Because, hey, some of you people out there are freaks and enjoy stuff like this. This is how it works:

Spoon draws Chicken. EEK draws Barmang. This occasionally makes one or the other mumble, “This is more trouble than it’s worth” as we’re drawing around each other’s character. Chicken and Barmang do stuff. Whether or not they do so in an entertaining fashion is up to you.

Hopefully you weren’t expecting some grand thesis statement about how this is a metaphorical cautionary tale about human civilization’s fixation with, and yet general casual disregard for food, because you might be misunderstanding how webcomics work. That said, the food motif might become important at some point down the line…

(Also, see our Launch/relaunch blog post for more… uh… info. If you want to call it that.)

Chicken vs. Chocolate: Cast & Crew

Let’s meet our group of misfits, eh?

Chicken vs. Chocolate takes place in the worst office ever, in an as yet undisclosed location (shh, it’s a secret!). Here are the sad individuals that make up the workforce.

Chicken, aka StupidChicken


Loyal readers of Spoon’s previous comic may remember our lovable Chicken, the newest employee here. He is rather stupid, with an almost childlike approach to life. He’s generally a pleasant sort, although he does often talk way too much and about completely inane subjects. This tends to annoy our next loser… er… character.



Barmang, aka Chocolate Barmang, is an anthropomorphic, half-naked chocolate bar with a beard and beanie. He’s a vile, inordinately grouchy and spiteful individual. Being a lowly office drone, he was tasked with the unfortunate duty of mentoring Chicken. We’d feel more pity for him if he wasn’t so despicable.

Dr. Evilcat


The terrifying “Dr. E” is the big boss here. His personal office seems to be a mix of a torture dungeon and a generic movie villain lair, complete with a shark tank. He also likes to drag employees away for “disciplinary measures,” from which they return in varying degrees of, uh, being-alive-ness. Boy that was terrible writing. Don’t we have an editor in this place?

Hitleditor, the Edhitlor


Dr. E’s second-in-command. Apparently is Hitler in the form of a celery stalk. Or maybe he’s a celery stalk in the form of Hitler. Hm. Adding to the confusion is the fact that nobody is quite clear what he actually edits. Hitleditor seems to spend more of his time coming up with completely incompetent schemes to… er. I guess nobody is sure what he’s scheming to do either. What an enigma, this guy! Or celery, whatever.



The laziest character design ever, NSFWMang keeps the workplace safe from (censored) and (censored). He does this by popping up randomly to cover naughty things up with black censor bars. He’s obviously a very high-tech individual.

Pirate Dude


Er, speaking of high-tech individuals, Pirate Dude is the token worthless I.T. guy in the office. Nobody is sure how he got the job, especially considering he apparently has absolutely no idea how to use a computer. Nevertheless, for him, every day is Talk Like A Pirate Day. For everyone else, he’s that one wanker who won’t stop saying “Yarr” and spitting in people’s faces.

And more soon to be revealed…