So remember when we said we’d go into Spoon’s iPad iNcident that prevented him from working on Episode 14? What do you mean you don’t care? Be quiet.

Anyway Spoon was out, working on Episode 14, before cleverly forgetting to take his iPad home with him. Due to our undying commitment to meeting deadlines, EEK had to draw Chicken. (It also resulted in separation anxiety for Spoon but screw that guy.)

We figured this would be a good chance to show some WIP (Works by Idiots in Progress).

EEK sketches out the comic, doodling in Chicken. This sketch is scanned before inking starts.


After the rest of the comic has been inked and scanned, the Chicken doodles are re-inserted into the comic in Photoshop to provide a guide for Spoon.


Now the non-avian parts of the comic are shaded and lettered before the file is passed to Spoon, who draws in Chicken on his iPad. The following half-rendered image shows what Spoon finished before misplacing his iPad. 


This time, though, EEK went ahead and completed Chicken, adding unnecessary fluff because EEK is a jerk.


Moral of the story: This is pointlessly complicated and EEK and Spoon are both idiots for doing things the complicated way.