These are explanatory notes for Episode 10: The Amazing Stupid-Mang.

For anyone not a Goddamn Nerd™, here’s a look into the mind of a nerd (i.e.: us):

Panels 1-4: Remember the classic Spider-Man theme song? Spider-Man, Spider-Man, blah blah, spins a web, any size, yakkity babbity. It’s probably on YouTube somewhere.

Panel 2: Really vague reference to the wonderfully gross scene in Spider-Man (2002) with the slow-motion “Matrix shot” of a spitball. We tried searching YouTube for Spider-Man, Matrix, and spitballs, but gave up quickly.

Panel 3: Um, that’s not really what the Spider-Sense does. Just to be clear.

Panel 4: There was some hoohah and general mockery involved when Andrew Garfield as The Amazing Spider-Man used Bing for a web-search in the eponymous movie (2012), when most normal people would instead Google That Shit™.

Panel 5: For those not in the know, Peter Parker’s consciousness was killed in the comics. Dr. Octopus is currently Spider-Man. Yeah, don’t ask. (There was another Peter Parker Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe, and he’s deader.)

Panel 6: If EEK could actually draw, this panel referencing the infamous Tobey Maguire crying face would be a lot more obvious. Google it for more, his face is more or less funnier than this entire comic.

Panel 7: Stan Lee and John Romita’s The Amazing Spider-Man #50 (1967) featured the famous panel that this shameless ripoff… er… homage, is based on.

Well wasn’t that worth your time.